Matt Walbaum is the Executive Chef for Levy Restaurants at America’s Center. Previously, Matt has successfully made many contributions within the culinary operations at the Scottrade Center and the Edward Jones Dome since 2005. His creativity with food presentation and consistent dedication to meet/exceed customer expectation has greatly assisted in the successful outcomes of many National Conferences, as well as many local social gala events that have been hosted at the center. Matt has been cooking for more than 20 years and has been with Levy Restaurants for 14 of them. Before his promotion to Executive Chef Matt was the Executive Sous Chef in charge of the premium operation at the Scottrade Center, as well as having a large impact at America’s Center. His extensive background in the culinary arts has enhanced both the flavors and the presentations at the St. Louis locations.

Matt began his culinary adventure at the age of 12 working in a small family owned pizza shop. He also has an array of experience working in the St. Louis hotel and restaurant market. He has worked in fine dining restaurants such as Harvest, Café Mira, 12 North and R.L Steamers, where he managed and ran a full seafood market and restaurant.

Matt is a graduate of the Levy Restaurants “Keys to the Future” program, and is currently involved in the “Strive for Five” initiatives. Matt’s overall achievements include holding certificates in ServSafe Food Handling, as well as his involvement in the American Culinary Federation and the Missouri chapter of the USGA.